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April started as a drummer in her Parents church and quickly progressed to an anointed  minstrel. As she faithfully served as a drummer, singing became a major part of her ministry. After realizing that singing was her true passion, she changed her musical path. She began leading the church in Worship and Praise and soon became a Choir Director. She began to travel the country with her father’s singing group, Bishop L.C. Terry & Daughters Divine, as a lead singer. This all occurred during her pre-teen and teenage years. April discovered that there was a calling on her life and that GOD wanted her to minister to His people with pure worship and by creating music & a sound that will move God's heart. With God’s guidance, she began to record. While seeking God’s perfect will, April started a family with her husband and producer Demar Brown Sr.


Two boys were birthed; therefor she went on sabbatical for two years. At the end of the second year, the Lord propelled her to re-establish His covenant with Him. This was the birth of “The Inception”, the title of her debut-solo project. Her single, “Endless Love,” was released on September 3, 2012 and her second single, “Just for Me,” was released on Good Friday, 2013.


In December of 2014, she attended Universal Coach Institute to obtain her Life Coaching Certification. Since then, she has established her career by coaching souls to Christ, and is the founder of Believers United, an outreach, mentoring and coaching program for the unbeliever and believer as they search to become who they are in life and in Christ.


April is now a mom of three handsome boys and is truly excited about what the Lord has in store for her and thrilled to see how God wants to use her and her family in His kingdom. Her new Sophomore Project” The Jesus Encounter Live is now available on all digital outlets. This project is full of the hand of God, prophetic declarations and songs of healing and hope! Our prayer is that the anointing of God continues to rest on her and upcoming endeavors.

Grace and Peace


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